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Are you a student pilot aiming for a commercial pilot license, an enthusiast striving for mastery, or a certified pilot seeking to boost your flying hours? Whatever your goals, at Fly-Coop Academy, we make your dreams of commanding the skies a reality.

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Kickstart your journey towards becoming an accomplished pilot with Fly-Coop. We’re excited to help you build flight hours, increase proficiency, and gain the confidence to tackle any airspace.

So, whether you’re just taking off on your aviation journey or looking to touch new heights, Fly-Coop is ready to provide you with the opportunity to log those all-important flight hours. Let us help you navigate the sky with confidence and ease.

Why choose us?


Exclusively tailored interiors for Fly-Coop trainees, designed to learn safe operation through advanced instrumentation. The intuitive cockpit layout harmoniously integrates pilots with their machines.


Ideal environments for pre-flight checks or post-flight debriefings, fostering a seamless connection between nature and the flight crew.

Course Structure

Fly-Coop presents an accelerated training program for securing the EASA Private Pilot Licence. This training is a perfect fit for aviation enthusiasts and aircraft owners looking to quickly earn their wings!

Experienced instructors

Our instructors not only teach but also actively participate in commercial activities. This enables them to share real-world experiences with their students and apply theoretical knowledge in practical contexts, ensuring our students stay up-to-date with the latest information.

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At our flight school, we believe in making aviation education accessible to all aspiring pilots. Our competitive pricing structure ensures that pursuing your passion for flying won’t break the bank. Whether you’re interested in a Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), or any other course, we offer transparent and affordable rates, allowing you to embark on your aviation journey with confidence.

Time building
- Cessna 152

  • 5 hours + landing fees (7 EUR - full stop and 2 EUR - touch and go)

Time building
- Cessna 152

  • 10 hours + landing fees (7 EUR - full stop and 2 EUR - touch and go)

Time building
- Cessna 172 diesel

  • 5 hours + landing fees (14 EUR - full stop and 4,2 - touch and go)

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