We will help you to become a professional pilot

    Whether you have always dreamt of becoming a professional pilot or you are simply considering changing to a cooler and better-paid profession, we are here for you! Trust us. With the help of our comprehensive and thorough training program, you can easily reach your goals!

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    Why Fly-Coop

    Only want to fly as a hobby? We got you covered!

    Is it your dream to fly an airplane all by yourself? Do you want to take to the skies with your family on the weekends and admire the breath-taking view from above? Then get your private pilot license at Fly-Coop! Choose our PPL training and learn the basics of flying with us!

    The advantages of Fly-Coop

    Experienced instructors, modern conditions

    If you are looking for a reliable, effective and high-standard flight school, choose Fly-Coop! We have experienced instructors, professional conditions and an impressively vast fleet of aircrafts.

    What’s more, our internationally recognized professional accreditation system will provide you with all you need to become a pilot!

    Professional pilot training at an affordable price

    Guaranteed: Fly-Coop offers exceptionally affordable prices compared to international standards, so if you are looking for an academy that is unbeatable in terms of value for money, sign up for one of our pilot trainings NOW!

    Why it's worth doing the pilot training in Hungary?


    Hungary is the best choice if you want to study to become a pilot, as the weather conditions are much more ideal here than in other European countries, which means you can fly more and complete your training faster than anywhere else!


    Hungary is beautiful! During your time in our country, you can discover fabulous places and amazing natural treasures.


    It is worth choosing Hungary from a financial point of view as life here is much cheaper than in other Western European countries!