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Yes, we offer a so-called test flight, which is specifically designed to help you make an informed decision. After a brief ground tour, you take part in a 30-minute flight with an instructor who will also give you control of the plane. The program can be attended by 1 person at a time, regardless of aircraft type.
We continuously accept applications for our modular trainings via the form available on the website. After submitting your application, the staff of the training department will contact you and explain the next step.
To start the courses, it is necessary to conclude a Training Contract after obtaining the appropriate type of medical qualification.
PPL training can be started from the age of 16, but the practical exam can only be taken from the age of 17.
The CPL training can be started from the age of 18.
You need a Class 2 medical certification to start the PPL training.
You need a Class 1 medical certification to start the CPL training
An examination by an aero-medical examiner registered by the Aviation Authority is required. You can find the list of active doctors here:
A license issued by a third country can easily be converted into a PPL issued by EASA under Regulation 2020/723. The training consists of a few hours of instruction as well as a theoretical (aviation law and human performance) and a practical, official examination. Acceptance of additional ratings requires the completion of an individual training program individually approved by the Authority.
Anywhere within the EU or where a license is accepted. Aircraft crew regulations In accordance with the requirements of Part-FCL:
It is possible to plan flights abroad with a valid license and a professional English (ICAO) language exam.
The daily flight limit is determined differently for each training, taking the load capacity of the student into account. In the initial training, a maximum of 1.5 hours is the norm.
Most of the theoretical courses can also be completed online, via distance learning.
Different entitlements may be renewed if you meet the requirements before the expiration date and if you renew after the expiration date.
The ICAO language test is mandatory for international flights and for obtaining an IR rating.
An intermediate level of language proficiency is sufficient to pass the ICAO language exam. There is a lot of information available online with regards to the various task types.
Yes, but only friends or family members. With this type of licence you cannot work as a professional pilot.
If all the necessary credentials are added to the CPL license, it is possible to work as a beginner in any field of the aviation industry, even to be recruited to airlines.
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